Who are we?

We are a modern family business with a passion for mushrooms. Having started out growing just button mushrooms, we are now working on an assortment of more than 40 fresh mushroom varieties. We are involved in every link in the chain, from growing to worldwide distribution and sales. Our company is always in motion and we are always looking for new innovations. Based on our knowledge, we develop smart product concepts, to continually introduce our consumers to mushrooms in new ways. Our focus is on sustainability, health and quality. We take initiatives that are good for the environment and reduce energy consumption.

Needless to say, we can only do this thanks to the expertise of our amazing team. All areas of expertise are involved in the process of innovation and improving our business. In addition to paying attention to our mushrooms, we always look after our employees as well. We offer a pleasant and safe working environment where you will be given opportunities to continue your development. If you don’t have a passion for mushrooms yet, you will definitely develop one at Banken Champignons!



We are looking for new employees in all areas, from growing, harvesting and processing to packaging, selling and distributing our mushrooms. Our fast-growing company has room for a wide range of professionals. Growers, employees for shipping, sales or production, mechanics, drivers and financial employees. No matter your age, educational level or background: we would like to meet you. If you do not quite meet all the requirements we are looking for in certain positions, it is possible to develop these skills with us. Curious whether you can use your knowledge and expertise within our company and do you want to find out more about the world of mushrooms?

How it works...

The procedure

The first step in the application procedure is up to you. If you have seen an exciting position in our company, please fill in your details using the form in the vacancy. You will receive an automatic confirmation. Next, it's our turn: we will decide if you are a suitable candidate for the job. We will let you know within 5 working days whether you will be invited for an interview at one of our offices, depending on the location of the position. This interview serves to get the best possible picture of your personality, knowledge, experience and motivation. We will also see if there are any skills that you may be able to develop with us. This procedure also allows you to discover whether the position, the team and our company are a good fit for you. There will be the opportunity to ask one another additional questions. If you are keen on the position and we are keen to hire you, this will be followed by an employment terms and conditions interview, in which we will hopefully come to an agreement for the employment contract and your salary. And the last step is up to you as well: you sign the employment contract and join our team. Welcome to Banken Champignons!


Take a look at our vacancies and you might find your perfect job! Would you like more information about a vacancy or the application procedure? Feel free to email our recruiter, Marcel van den Boogaart, via the contact form. Is there no suitable vacancy listed? No problem, we still might have an opportunity for you. In addition to responding to a vacancy, you can also send us an open application. We are always happy to find out more about people who show an interest.